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Due to the nature of the materials used in the retrobriting process, I am creating a "pet free zone" in order to accomplish these tasks.  I will post the results once I have the area set up and my first brightening pieces completed. I'll post before and after photos.


Web research shows a lot of information about removing the discolaration in aged ABS plastics.  

Older Apple IIs, Macintosh and other brands of computers and game consoles, made of these beige or platinum colored plastics are or have experienced yellowing.  Pictured above is one such "subject."  One of my projects will be restoring several yellowed Apple IIcs and Macintosh LCIII computers to their original coloration.  

• This LINK will take you to the video of the proccess that caught my imagination.  

• This LINK will take  you to Retro Fixes dot com and other ways to do brighten that old computer.

I found this online at Sally Beauty.  Here is the LINK to that site. when I baught, the cost was about: $5.40 + Ground Shipping.  YMMV.

I bought 2 of these 18 inch GE Plug In Fluorescent Light fixtures AND 2 "Black Light" 15 Watt - tube lights. Purchased locally for about $50.00.

Also bought locally, this hot water heater pan will be used to immerse parts being retr0brited. I spent $20.00.

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