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This is a recent project.  A work in progress if you will.  This site will talk mostly about Apple II computers, with the ocassional reference to Macintosh.  My personal favorites are the Apple IIc and it's sibbling, the Apple IIc Plus.



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     The Apple IIc is the first computer I personally owned.  Years ago I purchased one through a Navy Exchange.  After learning more about it, I figured out I wanted one that supported an internal memory (RAM) card.  I eventually found one and had it installed.  I had all the software of the time.  Later I disposed of the computer, thinking no one would want it, and moved into the world of Macintosh.  

      Now, I am recreating that early computer experience, this time using an Apple IIc Plus.  I have added an Apple IIGS, ROM 01 to my collection. Also, think Sweet16 Apple IIGS emulator for the Mac and of course there is the Apple IIGS emuator in my Raspberry Pi.  I'm having fun!

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